Neten Dorji  | Wakhar

Persistent acute water shortage in Wakhar had forced the villagers almost to vacate and leave. They went everywhere seeking help to solve the problem.

A year on, they decided to never leave. Residents of Wakhar village in Lumang gewog are now happy.

The 13 households changed their decision when reliable drinking water reached their homes a year ago. The village became more harmonious and prospered.

A villager, Yeshi Choden said, “Earlier, we had to go out early in the morning to fetch water, but today we have running water in the tap at our own homes.”

She said that the end to their plight of having to wander far away for water has increased their productivity.

Another villager, Lemo said they had to fetch water for the household beginning early in the morning.

“If we did not fetch water on time, we had to come back with an empty container,” the mother of three said.

The villagers said that it took 15 minutes to reach the water pond. “I fetched water about five times a day. But it was still not sufficient for household chores. For the past two years, we have been continuously fetching water from the pond which is slowly drying up,” said another villager, Karma Yangzom.

Lemo said that today, they don’t have to worry about that. “We even use flush toilets and it’s easier to maintain sanitation.”

She said that people have fought over water issues in the past which created an environment of discord and mistrust among the villagers.

Moshi-Wakhar chiwog representative Wangchuk, said, “The gewog spent about Nu 0.6 million to deliver safe drinking water to Wakhar. To curb the misuse of water supply and for proper water management, the villagers have appointed a caretaker.”

Another villager, Pema, said that they faced water problems until they got a reliable source.

He said now most of the villagers grow vegetables on a large scale.