Write-up of three students of Jakar Higher Secondary School (JHSS), Bumthang will be published in the books I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids volume 9 and Sewing Seeds of Peace.

The students submitted their work to two American  organisations – InSpiritry, and iWRITE – with the help of their English teacher, Evan Purcell.

Anne McCrady, a widely published poet and professional storyteller founded InSpiritry.

Amandika Thapa of 9th grade, and Tila Rupa Chhetri of 11th grade submitted poems to the organisation.

Tila Rupa Chhetri said that her poem was about how individuals seek and aspire for peace, and how the world could come together to achieve it.

Sewing Seeds of Peace publication is part of the Art of Peace festival in Texas.

The selected winners have been invited to publication/award ceremony on September 23 coinciding the International Day of Peace in Tyler, Taxes.

Evan Purcell, however, said that he was unsure whether the students could make it. “It all depends on whether we can have enough fund. We are looking for donations.”

Dorji Wangchuk of 11th grade submitted to iWRITE a short story titled Tree God, which will be included in I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids volume 9.

iWRITE, founded by children’s author Melissa Williams, inspires children to write stories and provides publishing and leadership opportunities to the youth.

Tree God is a story about a young man who once visited a place his father had described to him. Upon finding the place to not be as described, the young man tries to change the state.

Dorji Wangchuk was also invited to the publication/award ceremony in Houston, Texas on October 27.

Evan Purcell said he was surprised by the news.

He said that about 40 poems and three short stories were submitted to the organisations from JHSS.

Evan Purcell said that a collection of short stories We Are Bhutan written by students of JHSS would be published with approval from BICMA later this year. A pdf copy of the book was put on sale on Amazon.com, the earning from which would be used to publish the book.

Last year, artworks of the two students from the school were also featured in an American magazine.

Phurpa Lhamo