Joint inspection: Veterinarians and livestock officials at the affected farm in Dorokha C village

Joint inspection: Veterinarians and livestock officials at the affected farm in Dorokha C village

… initially suspected swine flu but it was later ruled out 

Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing

Livestock officials are still investigating the cause of the disease that recently killed some pigs in Dorokha and Dumtoe villages of Samtse.

After the death of three pigs at Dorokha C village, on January 18 and 19, following high fever and shivering, officials suspected they died of swine flu. However, on closer examination, they ruled out the flu.

Similarly, a farm of four pigs in neighbouring Dumtoe lost two of its pigs. The other two survived the illness.

As per the livestock report, the disease is found to be fatal and officials as of now could not draw any conclusions.

The livestock officer in Dorokha drungkhag, Khemnath Rizal said the joint team of veterinary officials from Phuentsholing and drungkhag livestock office have ruled out swine flu.

“They also collected samples to investigate the actual disease,” he said, adding that it is not sure what caused the high fever at this moment.

Khemnath Rizal said the farm affected had 21 pigs out of which five were showing high fever symptoms. Two have recovered.

“Everything is under control,” he said.

The livestock officer also said that the infected farm will be kept under observation for 21 days and monitored strictly, as per the expert advise.

Meanwhile, the outbreak of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) in Darla, Chukha has also been contained.

Chukha’s chief livestock officer, Sherab Tenzin, said a second investigation was field recently which showed the situation has improved.

The 260 birds died initially but following the interventions from the livestock officials only a few birds died.

“Those birds that died recently were in bad condition,” he said.

Sherab Tenzin said veterinary doctors from the Regional Livestock Development Centre in Chukha are helping the livestock team continuously.

“All measures are in place,” he said.