Karate: A total of 22 martial artists left the country yesterday to participate in the 22nd Asian International Karate Championship that will be held at the Priyadarshini Sports Complex (Kalidas), in Mumbai, India February 11.

The 22 martial artists include eight girls, aged 10-16 years, who will participate in the junior and senior categories, and 14 boys, aged 10-20+ years, who will also compete in the same categories. A total of 7 officials are accompanying the team.

The participants were selected from a pool of over 1,000 members of the Bhutan Institute of Martial Arts (BIMA). Members include national competitors, students and police personnel, among others.

A BIMA press release states that this is the second time BIMA is participating in the championship for the second time. It is also pointed out that the participants practised for at least two hours daily.

The champion is being organised by the World Jiyu Renshukan Karatedo Federation.

BIMA was established in March 2014 and began providing various kinds of martial art training in the country from January 2016. “Our institute is working towards educating people about the martial arts and its importance; and many are accepting and adopting it as an important tool not only in the field of self-defense but as positive way of living healthy,” the press release states.

Staff reporter