Neten Dorji | Trashigang

Access to market has been a major hurdle for farmers in Trashigang, and often they have had to watch helplessly their products rot at home for lack of buyers.   

A 29-year-old youth, Norbu Choden, opened a sales outlet for local produce at Trashigang town on December 13 with support from the Trashigang dzongkhag administration. The outlet aims to supply quality fresh and safe value-added products to local consumers as well as consumers from other places. 

Norbu Choden said she would bring organic products from the local farms. “I decided to open this outlet to promote what farmers of Trashigang are producing. It is also to help local farmers and showcase that we also have local products,” said Norbu Choden. 

She said that consumers could get safe and quality products at a reasonable price as no middleman would be involved in the process of local product supply as the outlet itself will purchase products directly from farmers. 

Now consumers can buy local products of Trashigang and take them as gifts to their friends and relatives living in other parts of the country. 

During the first day of its opening, the outlet is selling a packet of Ama Kharang at Nu 90, red rice at Nu 120, turmeric powder at Nu 160 and other local products at reasonable prices.  

According to Norbu Choden, the outlet would sell products at a fair price as the outlet would set a nominal profit margin to manage the operating cost. 

“I have planned to link the market with other outlets and help our farmers to sell their products. This outlet must win the trust of the farmers and sell local products here at reasonable prices,” said Norbu. 

More than 38 value-added products from dairy to handcraft and agriculture products are displayed at the outlet. The products are collected from 15 gewogs. 

The organic farmers did not even have a proper market to distinguish their produce. Still, with the opening of a local outlet in the dzongkhag, people can distinguish the local products from imported products. 

Trashigang Assistant Economic Development Officer, Kinley Dorji said that the outlet is centrally located and could reach out to several gewogs. “We expect the outlet would solve the market problems and make local products visible to consumers.”

He said that such initiatives and support from the dzongkhag would also encourage more enterprises in Trashigang. 

“Moreover, through this outlet, it will give an opportunity for us to correct the producers in packaging, levelling, and branding the local products,” the Assistant Economic Development Officer said.