Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

The Jomotshangkha drungkhag Covid-19 task force in Samdrupjongkhar announced yesterday that the lockdown in the drungkhag would be extended for a week because of the continuous Covid-19 positive cases from the community.

According to a notification the drungkhag issued, epidemiological assessment and case investigations during the blackout period found continuous positive cases from the community with many primary contacts in most chiwogs in the three gewogs of the drungkhag.

The 72-hour blackout period ended yesterday. Medical teams are still carrying out the contact tracing and testing.

The notification stated that the movements would be restricted except for the medical, security surveillance, and emergency services. “All offices and businesses shall remain closed. Inter-chiwog movement shall also not be allowed.”

It stated that farmers could do all the livestock and agricultural activities within their premises, but cannot visit neighbours. “Funeral rites will be limited to the close family members and religious personnel of not more than 10.”

As per the notification, shops identified by the drungkhag Covid-19 task force and gewog Covid-19 task force would deliver essential supplies as per the Covid-19 protocols with the help from local desuups and Covid-19 village representatives (CVR).

It stated that transporting essential supplies from Samdrupjongkhar and livestock and agriculture products to Jomotshangkha town will be facilitated with escort and in bubble mode.

While the essential supplies to the gewogs and chiwogs would be facilitated from the Jomotshangkha town by identified shops and vehicles, construction activities are also allowed in containment mode.

The drungkhag Covid-19 task force imposed the 72-hour blackout in Langchenphu and Serthi gewogs, including the Jomotshangkha town, on February 9 after a 21-year-old man tested Covid-19 positive from the community on February 8.

The medical team had sent his sample for the RT-PCR test as the man tested positive during the antigen test on February 7 and confirmed the Covid-19 positive the next day. He was immediately isolated and the primary contacts were sent to the facility quarantine.

Meanwhile, 22 Covid-19 positive cases were reported in Samdrupjongkhar yesterday, of which nine were from the community.

Fifty-one Covid-19 positive cases have been reported as of yesterday in Jomotshangkha since February 8.