Rajesh Ra | Phuentsholing

The 48-hour lockdown in Gomtu and Pugli in Samtse will end today and test results of samples collected yesterday will decide the way forward for these two towns.

The results will be out today.

After two Covid-19 positive cases were reported on January 22, the secluded towns were put under lockdown to minimise transmission and conduct contact tracing.

“Everything is closed. Not a single shop is open,” a resident said.

Along with the complete closure of shops and all other businesses, imports and exports were also stopped. Factories and industries were also closed.

No movement of people and vehicles were allowed. However, emergency health-related travels were permitted.

A total of 122 samples were collected from Samtse on January 22 and all came out negative.

Meanwhile, Phuentsholing reported 21 new positive cases yesterday, out of which 10 are from the community. Phuentsholing has now recorded a total of 90 community cases and 133 cases from quarantine facilities.

Phuentsholing will enter its 10th day of lockdown today after being put under lockdown on January 14.

The town is currently under lockdown with intra-zone movements.