Gongzim Ugyen Dorji Central School, which is the only postal ballot facilitation booth (PBFB) in Haa, saw a total of about 1,309 voters cast their votes in the last three days.

Turn out percentage of 84.02 is a drop by around one percent from the primary round (85 percent).

Of the 1,558 voters registered with the dzongkhag election office to cast votes through the medium, about 249 voters could not cast their ballots.

In the primary round, PBFB in Haa saw 846 female voters cast their ballots compared with 497 male voters. In the general round, about 825 female voters cast their votes compared with that of 484 male voters.

Figures of the PBFB voter turnout for both the primary and general rounds showed that there was a trend of higher participation of the people in the elections.

Staff Reporter