LG: There is a strong indication that the gewog’s former gup will win in Pemaling gewog in Samtse.

Former gup Khemraj Ghalley is the lone gup contestant from the gewog.

Dal Bahadur Gurung in Birutar said that it is certain Khemraj Ghalley will win. “He is a grounded person and he can mingle with all.”

Khemraj Ghalley served as the Pemaling gup since 2005. If he is elected, it will be his fourth time as gup.

During the zomdu, Khemraj Ghalley got 253 votes out of 290 cast.

Pemaling residents are happy with the development activities th former gup brought to the gewog.

“Our gewog has developed so much under his leadership,” said Rakesh Rai. “It is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote and he will definitely win.” Another local of Pemaling, Birendra Gurung, said that there is no choice for the people with Khemraj Ghalley as the lone contender for the post of gup.

“But even if there was someone, the candidate doesn’t stand a chance against the former gup,” said Birendra Gurung.

From connecting every village in the gewog with roads to providing safe drinking water, electricity, and schools, Pemaling has received all developmental support in his 11-year tenure as gup, Khemraj Ghalley said.

Khemraj Ghalley said that after becoming a gup in 2005, about 73km of roads, four schools and two ECCDs were built in the gewog.

Pemaling gewog has 46 villages, 1,300 households and more than 5,200 people. Khemraj Ghalley is expecting  to win all votes.

Rajesh Rai | Sipsu

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