Vacation is over. It’s time for school again.

As we look ahead from this season’s tail end, Shelley comes to mind. We are very much in the winter’s icy grip, but spring, the time of rebirth, regeneration and hope, isn’t far behind.

This is the time of the year when parents and children get busy preparing for the new academic session. For those who are waiting for board exam results, the wait won’t be long. We can expect the results in a week’s time, more or less. For parents, that would another round of preparation.

Children are back. Their radiant faces greet us everywhere. Soon their songs of hope and optimism will grace our schoolyards, playgrounds and hallways. But this is also the time when we have to be a little more cautious, a little more careful. A fool’s haste is no speed. As we prepare for new chapter of our lives, travelling safe is important. Accidents can happen.

Parents, in particular, should react to situations with calm mind. You may be frustrated with academic performance of your children, maybe even hurt. Making decisions thoughtfully and sensibly will matter a great deal in the lives of your children. Their future is our future.

So, as spring draws nearer, it is perhaps the right time for us to look back on our past and to commit ourselves to the making of the kind of future we would like to have for our children. As parents, we need to be a little more caring, a little more loving. Often, it is when we leave our children to themselves that they go the wrong way. At this point in their lives, what our children require the most is love and attention from parents.

Let us give our children what they need. It is incumbent on us as elders to teach them what is right and what is wrong. It is our responsibility as parents to walk them through the path of success. It’s not much our children are asking.