G2C: Since its inauguration in December, last year, the government’s online public grievance system, the eKaasel, has been used only around 20 times.

The Public Grievances Redressal Affairs (PGRA) focal person, Sonam Tobgyel, said that this could be an indication that civil servants are doing their jobs. But he also acknowledged it could also be an indication that the public is not aware of the online system.

The eKaasel is an online platform accessible on the G2C website: www.citizenservices.gov.bt that allows citizens to submit complaints, grievances, or other feedback on both G2C as well as non-G2C services. The grievance or feedback is forwarded to the concerned agency by the PGRA.

However, he pointed out that the PGRA could not help many of those who had submitted grievances as it concerned matters beyond the capabilities of the division.

For instance, he said that one of the main grievances that the PGRA gets is from those who are unable to pay loans acquired from the banks and want the government to help them repay. “It’s impossible,” Sonam Tobgyel said.

Another frequent request is for scholarships despite not having the required qualifications, Sonam Tobgyel said.

However, the most frequent request is for employment. Sonam Tobgyel said that many asked the PGRA to provide employment by bypassing the required application procedure.

The PGRA has received around 1,500 grievances since the division was established in August 2013.

While in its early days, it got large number of visitors on a daily basis, the number has fallen to an average of around 25-30 month.

Sonam Tobgyel said this could be because people are more aware that the PGRA cannot help them with their loans, scholarships, and employment, among other problems beyond the capabilities of the division.

Sonam Tobgyel said more advocacy on the eKaasel will be carried out later this year.

Gyalsten K Dorji