Lungtenzampa Choeten

Loten Zangmo

Lungtenzampa in Thimphu is popularly known in the Buddhist folklore as a sacred site where Phajo Drugom Zhipo and Khando Sonam Pelden met in the 13th century.

On either side of the river near the bridge, two choetens are constructed by Lam Phajo and the khando.

Without basic amenities, the caretaker of the choeten on the right bank, Sonam Drakpa, 69, said he has to fetch water from the city bus office to offer water in the morning.

Without light, he relies on the butter lamp offerings for lighting purposes. He uses LPG gas to melt the butter.

Sonam Drakpa constructed a small house with two rooms as an altar and a room to offer butter lamps a decade ago. He also cleans the choeten area every day.

He volunteered to take care of the choeten and sustains on the offerings people make.

Although people come to circumambulate the choeten, there is no toilet facility.

Conditions are worse at the choeten on the left bank.

Considered to be constructed by Khando Sonam Palden, many devotees visit the choeten to circumambulate it but litter fills the area near the choeten behind the Lungtenzampa taxi parking and traffic police office.

There is no electricity, water and other amenities near the choeten.

Although a caretaker cleans the area around the choeten, no one looks after the area surrounding it.