Chhimi Dema

Starting next year, 40 primary school teachers would be given scholarship to pursue Master of Education (M.Ed) in Primary Education at the Paro College of Education.

The two-year programmes were initiated by the education ministry in collaboration with the Paro College of Education.

Four programmes would be offered in M.Ed primary—English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Ten teachers would be selected for each programme.

Chief programme officer with teacher professional support division, Tashi Lhamo, said that the long-term training (LTT) programme was aimed to upgrade the qualification of the teachers.

“The foundation of learning is laid in primary level,” she said. “Therefore, the ministry deemed it necessary to enhance the content knowledge and skills of the primary teachers.”

She said that the quality of education depended on the competency of the teachers.

The outcome of a teacher’s improved skills and acquired strategies through the master programme would be seen on the performance of the students, she added.

She said,  “This programme would motivate the teachers. They can look forward to upgrading their qualification.”

The shortlisting and selection will be based on the Bhutan Civil Service Rules and Regulations 2018. The applicant would be shortlisted by the education ministry. The selection test for shortlisted applicants will be administered by the Paro College of Education.

Tashi Lhamo said, “The education ministry accord high priority on teacher development which has a direct bearing on learning outcomes of the children.”

Currently, 576 teachers are undergoing eight LTT programmes in various colleges under the Royal University of Bhutan.

Three mixed-mode and five full-time programmes are provided under the LTT programmes.

The mixed-mode programmes, offered during winter vacation, are provided in M.Ed in Leadership and Management, and Dzongkha.

The Bachelors of Education in Primary, under the mixed-mode programme, was offered since 1995. The last intake of teachers was this year.

Masters of Arts in English and M.Ed in Inclusive Education, English, Geography and Science and Mathematics were the programmes were teachers enrolled for full-time.