Phurpa Lhamo | Wangdue

Heavy rainfall last week caused major damage to irrigation canals and farm roads in Gasetshogom gewog in Wangdue.

Estimated reconstruction costs exceed Nu 2.4 million (M), showed the assessment by the dzongkhag officials. 

Changchey-Matshigpogto, Khamaedna, Khatoedkha, Changkha and Dabchhaykha-Matshigkha chiwogs reported damage on August 29.

Gasetshogom Gup Kinley Gyeltshen said that in some chiwogs, both drinking water and irrigation water sources and distribution lines were damaged due to heavy rainfall swelling the irrigation water source.

He added that to curb the issue, after an assessment of the area and damage, pipes to bring water were expected to reach the gewog soon.

“Because the villagers don’t have water right now, we are hoping for pipes to arrive soon in the gewog from Phuentsholing,” he said.

Kuensel learned that pipes worth Nu 210,000 would reach the gewog today.

In Khamaedna, irrigation water canals have been damaged at two locations.

Khamaedna chiwog tshogpa Phub Gyeltshen said that the canal and source also supplied water to Khatoedkha and Changkha chiwogs.

He added that the source located more than 7km had swelled due to heavy rainfall and damaged the canal. “The canal at source has also been damaged. Right now there is no water for irrigation in the villages.”

While paddy cultivation season has ended, Tshogpa Phub Gyeltshen said that water was required for the paddy to grow.

“The villagers in Khamaedna also planned to go and work on fixing the irrigation canals but it rained and we couldn’t do the work yet,” Phub Gyeltshen said.

Khamaedna chiwog has more than 40 households. Damages were also reported on the Changchey-Pangsho irrigation canal in the gewog.

The farm road to Sharipangkha lhakhang has been washed off, and the road to Tinga village has been blocked with rocks and muck.

Gup Kinley Gyeltshen said that the roads were yet to be cleared. “We hope the dzongkhag would help us in clearing the block.”