Making our roads less hazardous

Our roads are becoming increasingly unsafe. Navigating the city roads is a challenge that is growing by the day because of numerous ruts and holes on our roads. This poses serious threat to both drivers and pedestrians.

The problem will become serious as vehicle number grows in the future. Already our narrow roads are choked. Population growth over the years will only add to the problem. Records show that traffic accidents have now become disturbingly common.

This has compelled Thimphu Thromde to deploy road inspectors who will ensure that our people do not wash their car by the roads. They will also monitor water outlets from the roadside buildings and make sure that water does not flow over the roads. Penalties will be imposed on defaulters.

This is a good initiative but much of the problem that we confront today can easily be solved if we care to be a bit more sensible and responsible. We must learn to be less selfish and take care of our social properties. But it seems that our people will only learn the hard way.

We have a regulation that says placing or storing commercial and construction materials on the streets, roads and pedestrian pathways without permission of the relevant authority will be imposed a fine of Nu 2,000. People who divert water over the road will be made to pay fine and asked to repair the road. Those found washing vehicles on the road or letting the water flow on the road will have to pay Nu 1,000 penalty.

Also, the thromde will erect signboards to inform and educate the people.

One of the leading causes that damage our roads is water and drainage problem. Wastewater from buildings above the road eats sections of road creating potholes. This poses serious risks to drivers and the public, especially to schoolchildren going to and from school.

It will be a huge challenge for the road inspectors to monitor who is doing what and where. That’s why people need to be cooperative and act responsibly. There is an urgent need to educate our people. Potholed roads are dangerous and will lead to accidents. We need to make our roads less hazardous.

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  1. irfan
    irfan says:

    “Quality of roads guaranteed. Report potholes to the authority for cash rewards”…a sign-board reading exactly that would have been a dream come true. But the challenge is that we may get greedy and corrupt to dig potholes for cash rewards. So rates of fines fixed with sign-boards reading “Washing Cars and Storage of goods by roadside is punishable offence” or something like that is the best possible solution for the time being. Even something like “Assured rewards for filling up the potholes” can be more appropriate in tendering the public to maintain our roads, but it can lead to confusion as everyone will like to join the initiative.

    This is indeed a good beginning. A hefty fine of Nu1000 and Nu 2000 for illegal car-wash and illegal storage of commercial/construction material storage by roadside will not only discipline us, but also will help the authority to maintain the roads. Only the monsoon showers can be a bit tricky as it not only creates potholes but also wash away our valuable materials stored on roadsides. So the fine can also act as a precautionary measures to help citizens with maintaining their resources.

    But as law abiding people who respect our rules, we have the options to take prior permissions and that’s very much welcome. But at times, even the trucks unload the materials at the wrong hours and they do it at place that’s right for them. We people may not get the time needed to take our loads to the safe and secure places of utmost convenience for all. And the inspectors on duty must be aware about it and be trained to deal with it as customers may ask for discounts on the fines fixed. So it’s also possible that we have a ‘car wash and roadside storage cum wasted drainage’ bill in place at the local Thromde level. That will help us to keep our drains legal, clean and safe for the society in our quickly populated cities. Arrangements of appropriate grand public prayer ceremonies during the bad monsoons can be saved for the rainy days.

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