Samdrupjongkhar police last week arrested a 24-year-old man for involuntarily manslaughter after he struck a-33-year-old man on his head with firewood in Chithongkhar chiwog, Gomdar.

The incident occurred after a brawl between the men on January 15 around 10pm. Police said they went to the crime scene after they were reported by Chithongkhar chiwog tshogpa. It was found that the men were attending a lochog in one of the villager’s house and all were under the influence of alcohol.

Police said they caught the suspect the next day from the Basic Health Unit. During interrogation, the suspect said that he punched and kicked the deceased after he provoked him. He said that someone hit him first, which made him go after the deceased.

According to the suspect’s statement to police, he found the deceased hiding in the kitchen and he struck the deceased’s head twice with the firewood.

As per the medical report, the deceased suffered a skull fracture and died on impact because of excessive bleeding.

Police said the suspect confessed to the crime and the weapon has been seized. They said they have called eyewitnesses to the station today for further interrogation.

Kelzang Wangchuk