Staff reporter

Wangdue police have detained a man for the alleged murder of his 34-year-old friend. The deceased, also a man, was found dead in a roadside drain early in the morning of February 9 in Wangdue.

The suspect was the last person to be seen with the deceased, according to the police. He is still being interrogated by police.

After work, the deceased and the suspect went out for drinks in one of the shops at Chazam, some 10kms, with two other acquaintances.

The victim had taken a ride in the suspect’s car while the other two friends left the place. The deceased was found dead the next morning.

Police stated that the victim suffered bruises on his left knee as well as cuts between his thumb and index finger and several injuries on his forehead.

Both the victim and the deceased were from Sephu gewog. The suspect is a carpenter, while the deceased was a farmer.

The suspect was arrested the same day.

Meanwhile the deceased is survived by his wife and three children.