Crime: Samtse police arrested a 34-year-old man for molesting and attempting to rape a 17-year-old girl on August 14.

The incident occurred on August 13 between 5 to 10pm at the suspect’s house, when the student girl had visited her uncle’s home to collect a video compact disc (VCD). As she was about to leave, the suspect, a friend of her uncle, came by and asked for the girl’s English textbook.  He took the book saying he wanted to read it.

She followed him to his house and as they were conversing outside the house, her 10-year-old cousin sister joined them. The suspect asked the two girls to eat dinner at his house but they refused.

“After a while, the girl’s father came looking for her and the suspect denied of having seen her,” a press release from police stated.

Police found that the suspect had asked the girl’s cousin to go home, as she has to attend school the next day but had kept the girl with him. The suspect then took the girl inside his house and tried to rape her.

When the suspect heard the girl’s father calling her name, he sent her home. Her mother found her crying outside their house around 11:30pm and the next morning, she told her mother about the incident.

The father reported the case to police and the suspect is charged for criminal attempt of rape of a child above twelve years of age.

Dechen Tshomo