A 61-year-old man from Hiley in Sarpang died from snakebite in Guwahati hospital, where he was referred to since August 23.
According to a relative Partiman Ghimeray, he was bitten when he was walking home from his shop around 6:30pm on August 21.
Partiman Ghimeray said they immediately took him to Sarpang hospital and after two days was referred to Gelephu hospital and then to Guwahati hospital.
“We don’t know what kind of snake bit him but he told us that it was a cobra,” he said
A medical specialist at Gelephu hospital said all blood reports were normal on the first day of his admission. However, the following day, he had a breathing problem and blood test showed blood clotting and low platelet count.
She said they also gave him snake anti-venom twice. “But his condition was getting worse and we referred him to Guwahati as Gelephu hospital lacks intensive care unit facilities,” the medical specialist said.
She said that most probably the snake was viper hematotoxic as there was abnormal breathing and blood clotting.