A 24-year-old man drowned while swimming in Thimchu at Dodena on June 28.

The deceased along with his six friends went for Picnic at a popular picnic spot at Gepthang, which is about 1.5kms from the Cheri Bazam (cantilever bridge) towards Soe and Naro gewogs.

According to police officials, of the five men who crossed the river, two of them including the deceased swam back and suddenly the friends saw the deceased’s hand. “It seems that the deceased caught in a whirlpool and drowned.” 

The friends told police that they tried to pull him but could not. The friends sought help from the people around including a bulldozer operator who jumped into the river twice.

The incident was reported to police at 5:59pm on June 28.

“It was raining and after a few hours, police had to call off the rescue efforts as it was not possible to retrieve the body,” said a police official.

Police deployed rescue team at 5am yesterday and fished out the body around 10:30am.

“It was not easy. The diver had to dive into the river three times. Finally, with the help of a camera, the body was spotted and fished out,” said a police official.

The deceased was an engineer with a private company in Thimphu. The forensic team ruled out foul play.

Police cautioned people from taking to the rivers, especially during monsoon. “Even if the water level is low, we cannot say when the water will swell. Parents should also advise their children not to go near or swim in river.”

Staff reporter