Staff reporter 

A 33-year-old man in Paro was found to have breached quarantine protocol.

The man escaped from the quarantine facility at around 6am on Wednesday to visit his parents.

Police and health officials contacted his parents and confirmed his visit.

According to a source, the man showed up back at the quarantine centre after about three hours.

While he was tested negative for the infection, his family members have been advised to stay under strict home quarantine for two weeks.

The man is a repatriate who came from Bangkok on January 19.

According to police, the investigation will begin after 21-day quarantine is complete.

Earlier this month, 15 people were apprehended concerning 11 different cases for breaching lockdown protocols.

Defaulters were found operating shops, crossing over other zones and gambling during lockdown.

According to police, cases will be forwarded to court after the completion of the quarantine period.