Thimphu dzongkhag court’s criminal bench I sentenced a 26-year-old man from Drametse, Mongar to five years in prison for illicit trafficking of narcotic and psychotropic substances on May 4.

Tandin Peljor was smoking with a friend at the vehicle parking near the old maternity ward of the JDWNRH hospital on March 10 afternoon when police arrested him.

An informant had tipped the police that few boys were consuming controlled substances at the place. A police patrol team visited the area and found two men smoking at the place.

When the police frisked the duo, they found 40 capsules of Spasmo Proxyvon Plus (SP+) from Tandin Peljor.

While the defendant admitted to possessing the controlled substances, he said it was meant for his personal consumption and not for sale or illicit trafficking.

The court judgment stated that the amended Narcotic Drugs Psychotropic Substance and Substance Abuse Act, 2018 states that drug trafficking is defined as possession, import, export, store, sell, purchase, transport, traffic, distribute, or supply of controlled substances under the act if it exceeds the permissible amount.

Tandin Peljor admitted in court that he bought 72 pieces of SP+ from Phuentsholing and had consumed 32 pieces before police arrested him.

A medical drug test report showed that he had abused marijuana, Bezodiazepine, and Tramadol.

The court graded Tandin Peljor’s offence of illicit trafficking as a felony of third degree as the quantity of the controlled substance he possessed was more than twice the quantity determined in Schedule VII of amended NDPSSA 2018.

Staff Reporter