Thinley Namgay  

Thimphu dzongkhag court’s criminal bench II earlier this month sentenced a 43-year-old man to five years in prison for fraudulent cheque writing. 

The man from Sarpang was arrested after police found out that he had signed the fraudulent BoB cheque of Nu 4.3 million (M) and handed it to a relative. 

According to the judgment, Man Doj Ghalley signed on the fake cheque in August 2019, as he had insufficient bank balance to repay Nu 4.3M to the relative. 

Man Doj Ghalley borrowed Nu 3.6M and was supposed to return Nu 4.3M with interest to the relative as per their mutual agreement. They also agreed to do a solar water heater business together.  

As per the judgment, Man Doj Ghalley was notified three times that the cheque was invalid. 

Fraudulent cheque writing is graded a third-degree felony as per section 304, 305 (B), and 306 of the Penal Code of Bhutan. Those convicted are handed value-based sentencing as per section 306. 

It was not mentioned in the judgment that Man Doj Ghalley should restitute the amount. It should be pursued as a civil matter as per the judgment.