Nima Wangdi

Rinzin Namgyal, a former principal, has been elected as the National Council (NC) candidate for Trongsa.

His fellow candidate, a teacher, Sonam Penjor, lost the election because of years of experience.

Lower Trongsa, consisting of three gewogs (Langthil, Drakten, and Korphu), had over twice as many voters.

Rinzin Namgyal had an advantage in terms of numbers. In addition, he is from Langthil Gewog, which had the highest number of registered voters in Trongsa.

Rinzin Namgyal dominated in almost all polling stations in Lower Trongsa, receiving a total of 3,109 votes. He got the highest number of votes at Langthil school polling station, receiving 434.

He also secured 266 votes from Samcholing PS polling station and 234 votes at Langthil Gewog Centre.

After winning the election, Namgyal expressed his excitement and readiness to serve the people, promising to fulfil all his pledges.

Voters said that experience is more important than familiarity.