Crime: Police are looking for five detainees who escaped from the city police station’s detention centre in Thimphu on the evening of December 20.

Of the five who were detained for allegedly being involved in burglary and possession of controlled substances, four are under trial while one was convicted.

A police official said that the convicted prisoner is in the appeal period because of which he was in the detention centre, otherwise he would have been transferred to the dzongkhag prison.

The official said that it is too early to comment on how the detainees had escaped. However, police are investigating the case and carrying out a massive manhunt.

Any information leading to the arrests of the escapees, who are aged between 21 and 35, could result in a reward of Nu 20,000. The identity of the informants will be kept confidential, the police said.

Informants can contact any of the following mobile numbers: 17982883/ 17619976/ 77453838 / 17798105/ 17625061.

Staff reporter


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