Chencho Dema | Punakha 

Hundreds of residents from Bjibjokha, Yuesakha, and Wangkha villages in Toedwang gewog in Punakha, along with Punakha police and forest officials have been combating a forest fire.

The forest fire had initially started in Tsephu village in Toedwang gewog at around 5pm on April 11, which is more than 20km away from Khuruthang town had spread to the above villages.

The police were informed about the incident at around 8pm and firefighters were dispatched to the location.

Meanwhile, the forest fire continues for the second day and has moved closer to Bjibjokha, Yuesakha, and Wangkha villages.

The fire is believed to have destroyed more than 100 acres of chirpine forest.

While the exact source of the fire is unknown, some suspected that it might have been from the bushfire some of the locals in Tsephu village lit.

Police officials said that the heavy winds impeded their efforts to contain the fire.

Firefighters have been stationed at Bjibjokha village where some houses are at risk of catching fire.

Yesterday at 5:41pm, the fire was still raging. However, no injuries were reported.