Chhimi Dema

The meat shops above Centenary Farmers’ Market (CFM) saw a huge crowd rushing for meat yesterday evening.

Except for one meat shop in the area, most were out of beef.

A 40-year-old meat vendor said that more customers walked in yesterday because of Thruebab (Blessed Rainy Day). “In other days, the frozen meats do not sell well.”

A civil servant said that she went to buy meat for Thruebab on Wednesday. “Local meat was not available. So I bought frozen beef.”

Nado, 59, from Tsirang, said that meat was important during events such as Thruebab and Losar. “This year, because of the pandemic, we do not get meat and the ones available in the market were costly.”

The price of frozen beef and chicken today range between Nu 300-400 and Nu 250-300 per kilogram respectively.

The price of frozen boneless beef costs between Nu 400 and Nu 450. Local beef costs Nu 400 per kg.  A kg of chicken costs Nu 300.

A kg of local pork costs at least Nu 650. The ban on import of pork from India by the agriculture and forests ministry still stands.

A customer said that the prices of meat vary from shop to shop. She said, “The agencies concerned should look into the pricing of meat.”