Crime: Victoria police in Melbourne confirmed that the 40-year old Bhutanese man accused of secretly filming his housemates while they took showers will appear before the Sunshine Magistrates Court on December 20.

The Bhutanese community in Melbourne confirmed that the man and the victims are Bhutanese.

Victoria police’s media unit supervisor, Natalie Webster, sent a statement stating that detectives from their Fawkner sexual offence and child abuse investigation team have charged the man with the use of an optical device to offend.

The police statement also points out that the charges relate to three alleged incidents of filming women on October 31, November 1 and 2.

Kuensel sources in Melbourne said that the victims have lodged a complaint with the police on the night of November 3 after one of the women, while taking a shower, found her housemate’s mobile phone on video mode in the pocket of a pair of pants hanging in the bathroom on November 2.

A source in Melbourne said the when the woman realised that she had been filmed, she deleted the video and went to tell her other housemate about it, who on inspection of the phone found two more videos in the phone’s trash of another housemate showering.

Kuensel did not talk to the victims and the accused, as the matter is before the court.

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