Crime: Two non-Bhutanese men swindled a Bhutanese shopkeeper of Nu 50,000 in Nganglam.

The suspects are still at large.

According to sources, the two men on bike had come to a tyre shop located at Phatung and informed one of the employees at the shop that they would like to exchange Rupee with the Ngultrum.

The employee agreed and first exchanged INR 10,000 with Nu 10,000. After they exchanged INR 10,000, they asked if the employee wanted INR 50,000 to which the employee agreed.

The men told the employee that they have INR inside the bag, took NU 50,000 and took off immediately.

Police said that by the time they received the complaint the men had escaped.

“Moreover, the victim had no details of the men whatsoever. People should be careful and shouldn’t entertain such practices,” said a police official.


Weringla dungkhag in Mongar has detained 26-year-old man for duping farmers in Yangbari on October 21. The man, who is a security guard, has a similar case with police in Nganglam.

According to police, the suspect took six cattle in the name of tshethar on October 14 from five farmers in Yangbari using the names of renowned rinpoches. The man had later sold cattle to an Indian butcher. He confessed to have taken an advance of Nu 80,000 from an Indian butcher.

Police apprehended the man at Nganglam gate.

The case is under investigation and the suspect is at detention centre in Weringla.

Yangchen C Rinzin |  Samdrupjongkhar