After experiencing several delays, the 720MW Mangdechhu project will be fully commissioned between May 10 and June 25 this year.

Between this period, all four units in the power house, each capable of generating 180MW of power, will be up and running.

Filling of the reservoir or the dam began on April 2. The water level would be raised by 2m every day. This however, would be done in two stages. In the first stage, water would be filled upto the minimum draw down level (MDDL), the level below which water intake would be insufficient to spin the turbines. The MDDL is at 1730.5m above sea level, about 28m high from the dam base. By April 20, the management expects the water to reach MDDL.

The second stage of water filling will take place between MDDL to Full Reservoir, which is at an elevation of 1,747m. This process would be regulated through radial gates installed at the top of dam.

During this process, the project management has cautiones residents downstream of Mangdechhu to remain vigilant and careful while crossing the river. Cattle owners are also requested to take heed to the notice.

Staff Reporter