The works and human settlement minister Dorji Choden held a meeting with the public of Chamkhar LAP 01, Dekilling LAP 2 and Jalikhar LAP 3 on January 11 to discuss the structural plan prepared by the Department of Human Settlement (DHS).

A press release from the ministry states the minister highlighted on the importance of structural plan, its scope, way forward solutions and other opportunities in near future.

The minister conveyed that the plans were prepared in close consultation with the public and that the Bumthang Valley Plan was developed taking care of all landscape positions and present structures without compromising the dzongkhag’s mission and vision.

The people raised issues pertaining to 28 percent land pooling by the government, restriction on the construction of houses on flood zones and restricted areas and the government’s poor initiatives on the river protection walls along Chamkhar Chu.

Lyonpo Dorji Choden explained to the people that the 28 percent land pooling was pooled to provide basic infrastructures like roads, footpath and other requirements (accessibility) within the community.

The restrictions on flood hazard zones and other restriction areas were planned to protect the people and existing infrastructures from flood. The press release states that the minister informed that the people could be given land substitution, if his/her only land falls under flood zones and restriction area.

Staff Reporter