Unlike the out come at the national level, postal ballots did not make a difference in Gasa.

In Khatoed Laya constituency, Damchoe Dorji, the former foreign minister and one of the two-opposition members in 2008 lost to Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s Tenzin by 129 votes. Damcho Dorji secured 278 votes, 63 from postal ballots and 215 on the EVM against Tenzin’s 407 votes, 31 from postal ballots and 376 from the EVM.

DNT won in two polling stations of Loongo and Neyloog chiwog in Laya gewog and PDP won at both the polling stations of Gasa School and Khatoed gewog in lower Gasa.

Laya gewog has 377 more registered voters than Khatoed gewog and this played a vital role in DNT’s win in the constituency.

DNT’s Tenzin contested as the candidate of the same party in 2008 and also contested in the national council in 2013.

Tenzin said party president is a decisive factor for people to choose a party. “Despite the loss in 2013, I continued my social service in the community without losing hope. People recognised my service this time,” he said. “Coming to the people during election time does not help win their trust.”

Druk Phuensum Tshogpa secured 85 votes and Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party, 50. However, the two could not win in any polling stations from the constituency. DPT won the least votes at Khatoed gewog PS and BKP in Loongo chiwog PS.

DNT and DPT recorded higher number of votes from Laya gewog.

BKP’s Damchoe Zangmo said it was difficult to reach the voters and convincing them of the party’s vision to reduce corruption was also challenging. “They take the concept of corruption differently and many feared it,” she said. “We did everything with outmost dedication and it’s our greatest accomplishment.”

In Khamed Lunana constituency, PDP won in six of the seven polling stations while DPT won in one polling station in Thangza, which has the highest registered voters in the constituency.

PDP candidate Pema Drukpa won the highest votes from both postal ballot and EVM in the constituency. A total of 339 votes were in favour of the party.

DNT secured the second highest postal and EVM votes from five polling stations winning 198 votes.

Yeshey Dem said the people in Lunana were aware and focused on party presidents while voting in the primary round. “People were welcoming to see women candidates campaigning in remotes places,” she said. I am confident that I will be supported in my gewog in the general round and expect the same in Lunana.”

Yeshey Dem claimed that she was the first woman to contest the primary round from Khamed.

Of the total 11 polling stations in Gasa, PDP won in eight polling stations followed by DNT in two and DPT in one.

Nima | Gasa