Utilities: A volunteer team from the Jakar Higher Secondary School cleaned the Chamkhar public toilet recently. The dzongkhag also installed taps making the once blocked toilet usable again.

However, dzongkhag engineers were disappointed when the taps in the gents toilet were stolen a few days after it was installed.

Dzongkhag engineer Yeshey Dorji said this is the second time taps in the public toilet have been stolen.

The toilet was repaired once but all 10 taps were stolen the next day. “People complain if there is no facility but then they don’t take care of it when the facility is provided,” he said.

Yeshey Dorji said he installed only one tap each in the gents and ladies toilets knowing that this might happen. “I have kept a barrel from where the users could flush after use,” he said.

He also now controls the water from the line as the continuous water flow could end up making the septic tanks overflow. But the toilet is cleaner now and people are using it.

Likewise, the dzongkhag also renovated the public toilets at Jambay Lhakhang recently with funding from the Tourism Council. The toilets at the lhakhang were provided with water supply and electricity. “But all the bulbs have been stolen,” Yeshey Dorji said.

Yeshey Dorji added that the dzongkhag does not have budget to buy new bulbs now. The situation is expected to last until the dzongkhag receives its next budget.

Nima Wangdi | Chamkhar