Phuentsholing police yesterday detained two girls both aged 17 who were reported missing from Samtengang Central School in Wangdue since March 16. The girls were found in Phuentsholing around 1pm.

Both the girls are in grade IX.

Following a report from one of the mothers of the girls, Wangdue police distributed pictures and informed police across the country about the missing girls. The case was reported on March 18 to the police.

The girls were found missing after a musical show held at the school on March 16.

According to a police official, the girls had called their parents after they were reported missing. “The girls had asked their parents not to look for them. The girls had said that they didn’t want to study,” the official said.

The police located the girls after they tracked the number from which the girls had made a call to their parents.

The girls reportedly had misinformed about their location to their parents. A Facebook post of the missing girls was made by one of their relatives. “We are still investigating the case. The girls will be here in Wangdue today or day after.”

Phurpa Lhamo | Wangdue