… In accordance with the BCSR 2018 clause

Ministry of Education had to cancel the transfer order of 12 school principals, three dzongkhag education officers, and one deputy thromde education officer after it was endorsed and announced by the human resources committee (HRC).

The transfer that was approved on January 11 was withheld on January 15.

An official from the human resources division said that the transfer order was cancelled because of the revised Bhutan Civil Service Rules and Regulations (BCSR) 2018.

“Although the decision to transfer leadership position of 16 principals and education officers was taken before the BCSR 2018 came in, it was later learnt that the ministry had overlooked the BCSR,” the official said. “The reason was solely because of the BCSR and there are no other personal reasons for cancelling. It was also not because of their performance.”

The official explained that the BCSR 2018 now states that prior to six months, the parent agency, which is the ministry, should plan the transfer of civil servants in consultation with the working agency, which is the dzongkhag.

“This was not there in the BCSR 2012 and the ministry endorsed the transfer like how it was done earlier,” the official said,   adding that later in consultation with the RCSC, it was found the ministry should have consulted with the dzongkhag before approving for transfer.

BCSR 2018 clause 14.4.2 states that the HRC of the parent agency concerned shall plan transfer in consultation with the working agency six months prior to the transfer effective data and execute transfers in line with their transfer guideline whereas clause 14.4.2 of the BCSR 2012 states that a civil servant may be transferred irrespective of major occupational groups and sub-groups generally after completion of five years of service or as specified under section 14.4.6, whichever is less.

The general rule of the BCSR 2018 under Chapter 14 states that the HRC of the parent agency shall develop a transfer guideline, which is transparent, fair and aligned to the provisions of the BCSR and shall be endorsed by the RCSC. “It shall also take into account the vulnerability of the positions,” the clause states.

The official said the group of principals and education officers were among those who were picked by the ministry for reshuffle based on the criteria for the benefit of public interest. “This was done for the first time.”

The official explained the principals and education officers were not consulted for the transfer and were announced only after the HRC and sub-committee endorsed the transfer.

The official said although it is cancelled for now, the reshuffle might take place if the ministry feels it is for the public benefit. “But this time the ministry will make sure it is aligned with the BCSR 2018.”

The ministry has already approved and facilitated transfer for those principals and teachers who had applied for transfer themselves and whose applications were routed through dzongkhag.

Yangchen C Rinzin