Dechen Dolkar  

The Ministry of Education (MoE) will not renew contract for some of the National Contract Teachers (NCT) and Regular Contract Teachers (RCT) in some schools.

They will be replaced by regular teachers from next year.

The ministry issued a letter to all the dzongkhags in September that the ministry will not extend contract for those teachers that can be replaced by regular teachers.

An official from the ministry said that there are some dzongkhags and schools where regular teachers have applied for transfer on marital and medical grounds.

“We have looked into the matter case-by-case and requirements,” the official said.

The official said that based on the subject teacher requirement, preference would be given to the regular teachers.

“This exercise has been done in all the dzongkhags and schools,” the official said.

Most of the Dzongkha regular teachers have applied for a transfer to Thimphu Thromde from other dzongkhags; they will be replaced with contract teachers.

The official said that in the dzongkhags and schools where there is a teacher shortage, the contract teachers will be employed.

Because of high teacher attrition rate, the ministry will have to recruit contract teachers for next year’s academic session.

Thimphu Thromde has issued a notice to all the schools that 21 NCTs and RCTs under Thimphu thromde will not get contract extension beyond? December 31.

Out of 21, 12 Dzongkha contract teachers will be replaced by regular teachers in Thimphu thromde schools.

Thimphu thromde has recruited 68 national contract teachers since June this year; their contract expires on December 31, this year.

A thromde official said that many contract teachers opt to resign before the completion of their contract term.

Thimphu Thromde has received applications for at least 51 voluntary resignations, excluding EOL, so far.

Meanwhile, Phobjikha Central School in Wangdue does not have a principal. It does not even have a vice principal. Five teachers resigned from the school in October this year.

The officiating Principal of the school, Rinchen Tshewang, said that, however, as per the student-teacher ratio there is no teacher shortage in the school.

There are 636 students and 37 teachers in the school.

The school has merged one section of class nine with other sections. Now there are four sections of class nine.

The school has also merged two sections of Class V. There are 41 students in the class currently.

The officiating principal said some teachers are teaching 24 periods in a week.