The health ministry in collaboration with UNICEF and WHO is conducting a nationwide measles and rubella catch up immunisation campaign from October 27 to November 8.

Deputy chief programme officer with the vaccine-preventable disease programme, Tshewang Tamang, said Bhutan has achieved measles elimination status in April 2017, certified by WHO prior to the regional target by 2030.

He said that to sustain the status, measles and rubella vaccination is being conducted in all schools to enhance the population’s immunity against measles and rubella.

The ministry is targeting more than 150,000 students across the country for vaccination.

He said that through routine immunisation, children should get two doses of measles mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR) at nine months and 24 months of age.

Catch up immunisation campaign means the campaign will be held only for targeted population groups across the country. The campaign will be conducted in schools, colleges, and other high-risk areas identified by the respective dzongkhag health sectors.

Tshewang Tamang said high-risk areas include border area and pockets of low immunisation coverage. “The first priority for the campaign will be all schools and identified collages in the country followed by high-risk areas identified by dzongkhag health sector.”

The ministry notifies all students in the schools and colleges to avail the vaccination.

Staff reporter