KP Sharma

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MOIT) in partnership with the GovTech and other relevant agencies, is in the process of developing an integrated system for buildings, infrastructure, land, taxation, and provision of services.

In the initial phase, the ministry is prioritising the coverage of 64 centres and is in the process of collecting household data and carrying out the registration of buildings and units.

The ministry said that the enumeration teams from the ministry, local governments, and the de-suung office have already started the data collection in Thimphu, Phuentsholing, and Paro.

The August 23 notification from the ministry informed the public that they are using two categories of QR codes for each building that includes both the unit details and building address.

According to the ministry, the codes are used in the integrated system to register all units and buildings in the country for effective service delivery, affordable housing, and disaster management.

These codes would also maintain data currency, allowing the public or relevant agencies to scan the codes and fill in their details as and when required.

 “Household details will be updated in the housing database automatically when a new tenant moves in and scans the codes,” the notification stated.

According to the notification, the codes will reduce the need for physical enumeration and will help show the location, building, and unit numbers.

To ensure a smooth enumeration process, the ministry has identified focal persons for various dzongkhags who will provide assistance in case individuals encounter any difficulties during the registration in the system.

The notification reminded the people that those who did not give their details would miss out on the housing database and would not be able to avail the services later.

It further stated that the team may not be able to enumerate the buildings or units that are locked or inaccessible.

However, it has assured that the QR codes would be pasted wherever possible for their convenience.