The Mongar dzongkhag court sentenced a 34-year-old woman from Khamdang in Trashiyangtse to five years in prison for attempting to murder a woman in Sherichu last year. 

The defendant, Pema Wangmo, was found guilty of attempting to murder Kunzang Choden from Chaskhar after she stabbed the victim 12 times on the night of October 31 last year.

The April 18 judgment stated that Pema Wangmo, who was on her way home from Lhuentse stopped at Sherichu after she saw the victim working at the roadside. 

Although the defendant submitted before the court that she had no intention of murdering the victim but the brawl started because of a man called Wangchuk, the court ruled that she has planned the murder, as she brought the knife that was used to stab the victim. 

“She has also covered her face with a mask and asked the victim to accompany her to the toilet,” judgement stated.

The crime is graded a third-degree felony and the judgment stated that she was given the minimum sentence of five years since she did not have any prior criminal record. 

The court also ordered the defendant to pay a compensation of Nu 22,500 to the victim, as she could not work for some time after the incident occurred.

Office of Attorney General (OAG) requested the court to order the defendant to pay a compensation of Nu 225,000 to the victim but the court ruled that since the medical report does not state that she was impaired, she would not be liable for the compensation.

Kunzang Choden said she would appeal to High Court after consulting the OAG, as she is not happy with the compensation. 

She said she is physically and mentally tormented because of the incident. “I am disabled now.” 

Tashi Phuntsho | Mongar