Resolves that Gyalpoishing HSS should be upgraded into a college

Education: Mongar Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT) in its ninth session on August 31 resolved that Gyalpoishing Higher Secondary School (HSS) would be upgraded into a college and not turned into a central school as the education ministry has decided.

District Education Officer (DEO) Dorji Passang reported to the tshogdu that instead of Khengkhar Lower Secondary School as the past DT sessions had proposed, the education ministry decided to turn Gyalpoishing HSS into a central school this year.

He informed the DT that Kengkhar has no possibilities of land, faces drinking water shortage, and lacks students and infrastructure.

However, following a thorough deliberation, the DT resolved that Gyalpoishing HSS would be upgraded into a college as one of the three colleges for the eastern dzongkhags.

Ngatshang gup Phuntsho asked how the government decided to change their proposal without the knowledge of local government leaders and people.

He said, the government last year established central schools in Drametse MSS and Chasakhar MSS without the knowledge of LG leaders and people.

“The DT can’t go with the education ministry’s plan because of the failure to discuss with local leaders and people,” he said.

Local leaders said that while the education ministry has its own policies, discussing with the local government and the people would help in the smooth implementation of such policies.

Saling gup Sonam Yeshi said that in Mongar, Gyalpoishing HSS is the best to be established into a college and that the DEO should discuss again with the ministry.

Kengkhar gup Karma Dorji however said that if a central school was established in Khengkhar, the people would be willing to give land for development activities and that it might also solve their drinking water problem.

He said that the coming of a central school would benefit the people of Kengkhar and Jurmey gewogs the most and could enroll students from nearby gewogs like Thangrong, Drepong and Saling.

DT chairman Padma Dorji said that a proposal to establish a central school in Kengkhar would be submitted again and should the ministry find that unfeasible, a proposal to upgrade the school into a middle secondary school would be made.

By Tashi Phuntsho, Mongar