Monsoon has stalled the construction of a subway near Omchhu bridge, one of the main components of the Northern Bypass Road (NBR) package-I in Phuentsholing.

The work has been stopped for more than a month now.

As the project required excavation of the existing road and diversion of vehicles from another route, Phuentsholing residents are now worried that the project would take time.

A corporate employee, Sonam, said the work has stopped for sometime long time now.

“The construction site is idle and it is causing public inconvenience,” he said, explaining that almost half the population lives on the other side of the river.

He also said people would understand if the construction had stopped for about a week but it is not the case. “If the project does not complete on time, it would cause problems for the general public.”

Some residents also complain about the small parking area in front of the vegetable market, saying it is always jammed as private vehicles are parked at the same place.

A trucker said the diverted road caters to the vegetable market, taxis, RSTA bus terminal and the general people, which caused the traffic problem.

“There is also a wall behind the vegetable market and vehicles and pedestrians don’t see the vehicles,” the trucker said. “It is risky.”

Meanwhile, the NBR’s project coordinator, Devi Charan Dhimal, said the work has been stopped temporarily due to the monsoon.

“If we dig that place, the soil would slide,” he said. “It will then cause more damage than expected.”

He, however, said works on the other areas of the same project are still ongoing and people can see that. “The subway construction would resume by September end.”

The project coordinator also said that NBR project is still on track.

Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing