Women voters outnumbered men in availing the postal ballot facilitation and mobile booths service on October 10, 11 and 12 for the upcoming general elections.

The press release Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) issued on October 13 stated that of the 84,829 people, who cast their ballots through the service, 46,358 were female and 38,471 male.

Save for the four dzongkhags of Bumthang, Chukha, Gasa and Trashiyangtse, all other 16 dzongkhags saw more women voter turnout than man.

Haa saw almost twice as many women than male voters. Of the 1,309 people who cast their ballot, 825 were female and 484 male. In Pemgatshel, of the 2,137 voter turnout, 1,159 were female and 978 male.

Thimphu saw more than 4,154 female voters than male casting their ballots through the service.

Meanwhile, with 95.7 percent voter turnout, Lhuentse saw the highest voter turnout for the facilitation and mobile booth service. Of the 970 registered voters, 929 cast their ballots.

Tsirang saw the second highest voter turnout at 94.12 percent with 1,264 voters of the 1,343 casting their ballots followed by Bumthang with 90.75 percent. Of the 1,148 registered voters, 1,128 cast their ballot.

Although Thimphu has the highest number of people availing the facility, the voter turnout is the lowest among the dzongkhags at 80.14 percent. Of the 35,304 registered voters, 28,292 cast their ballots.

ECB’s press release stated that the postal ballots cast were, as per procedure, handed over at the end of each day to Bhutan Post for delivery to respective returning officers for counting on poll day.

It also stated that the total number of postal ballot envelopes at the end of each day were counted and crossed checked against the Electoral Roll Search System (ERSS) used in the booths to ensure that the number of registered voters verified against the ERSS and issued postal ballots match the number of postal ballot envelopes handed over to Bhutan Post to ensure there are no mistakes or errors of any kind in the process.

“Both parties had been invited and reminded of their right to appoint representatives to observe and witness the process,” the press release stated.

Tashi Dema 


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