Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing

The Gowa program, the regional labour office in Phuentsholing conducted on June 22 brought together 22 companies and job seekers.

There were 299 jobs available but only 106 jobseekers turned up.

Of the 22 companies, 16 companies wanted to recruit “on the spot.” However, only four were recruited on the spot. Another 80 jobseekers were shortlisted for further interviews.

Labour officials said more than 90 percent of them will get jobs.

Companies from Pasakha industrial estate, other manufacturing units and service providers floated salaries ranging from Nu 5,000 to Nu 24,000 a month. However, some companies had difficulty finding job seekers for recruitment.

Lhaki Cement advertised to recruit an electrician. However, most who came to inquire went back after they learned the workstation was in Gomtu. 

Empty chairs: 106 job seekers met with employers

“Only one came,” an official said.

The regional director of the labour office, Sonam Tenzin said it was a paradoxical situation.

“It is not that there are no jobs. There are jobs,” he said, explaining that youths have to take up those jobs.

Most manufacturing companies look for skilled workers, mainly Technical Training Institute (TTI) graduates. A TTI graduate, Prem Kumar Gurung, 24 said he would take any job. The plumber was shortlisted.

Kezang Dawa, 26, is among those who were recruited. The class 10 graduate has been jobless for a year. He got a job with five others at Perfect Composite. 

“I am very happy.”

Kezang Dawa, who worked at a resort, lost his job due to the pandemic. He worked at the Mini Dry Port and construction sites.

A human resource official said they have been advertising to recruit for a long time. 

“We advertised so many times,” he said, adding nobody had come. “Today, we were able to recruit because we were able to interact and explain to them about the jobs.”

Phuentsholing Thrompon Uttar Kumar Rai urged the jobseekers to take whatever jobs were available.

“We have to start small. That’s the first step to bigger successes,” he said.