Chukha’s dzongkhag administration has postponed dzongkhag tshechu to November 16-18 to avoid coincidence with poll day of National Assembly (NA) election.

The dzongkhag administration’s notification issued on August 24 stated that the second day of the annual festival coincided with the poll day, which is on October 18.

According to Tourism Council of Bhutan’s (TCB) festival calendar, about 22 events fall within the election period.

The NA election period falls between August 17 and November 6 according to the Election Commission of Bhutan’s (ECB) schedule.

However, Thimphu Drubchoe and Tshechu have not been postponed.

Thimphu Dzongdag Dorji Tshering said that the Thimphu Dromchoe and Tshechu would go on as usual. “There is no question of postponing or cancellation of these events as it has been conducted for over a long period of time. It’s a historical event.”

Dechenphu Tshechu would also be conducted as per traditional schedule on October 19.

Bumthang has nine events within the election period. Bumthang Dzongdag Pasang Dorji said that until yesterday only Jakar Tshechu was discussed. “We discussed with the Zhung Dratshang to postpone the event as the second day of the tshechu falls on the poll day.”

Nangkor Tshechu in Pemagatshel will be conducted as per the schedule on September 22-25.

Lhuentse Dzongdag Jambay Wangchuk said that the two events in the dzongkhag would happen as of yesterday.  Wangdue Tshechu is also set to be conducted on September 17 to 19.

Kengkhar gewog in Mongar plans to conduct Kengkhar Tshechu from September 6.

“Although the application had reached the dzongkhag election office, there has been no response yet,” Mongar’s culture officer said.

Gasa Dzongdag Dorji Dradhul said that ECB confirmed the third Royal Highlanders Festival on August 17. “The event that starts from October 23 to October 24 falls within the petition period, which is after the elections.”

Royal Bhutan Police in its notification issued on August 28 requested citizens to inform Election Security Cell near their locations regarding plans of marriage celebrations, religious congregations and other social gatherings which may involve discourses and discussions during the election.

It also stated that the sale of alcohol is prohibited from September 10-15.

Rinchen Zangmo