LG: Most of the incumbent gups in Tsirang are likely to re-contest in the upcoming local government (LG) elections.

Having served for five years, the incumbent gups feel they are the most eligible candidates to re-contest. They say that their first term was just enough to gain experience and that they need another term to complete some of the works that are being implemented.

Dunglagang gup Kharka Bahadur Pradhan is not hesitant to contest again. “We need people with adequate experience to execute works at the gewog level,” he said. “I have gained adequate experience by now,” he added.

At the recent midterm review of the 11th Plan in Tsirang, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay encouraged the incumbent gups to re-contest. Lyonchoen said their experience will be an asset for the country.

“You are well-experienced as gups,” he told. “I hope all of you will re-contest in the upcoming LG election.”

Keeping in mind the prime minister’s words, Barshong gup Santalal Powdel has also decided to re-contest. He feels that he has gained the experience to execute developmental works at the gewog level.

The gup also said he needs a new term to complete some of the works that are being executed in his gewog. “I gave my best during my first term,” he said.

Patsaling gup Changa Tshering has already decided to re-contest for a fourth term. He claims that he has served the gewog well and deserves another term.

Phuentenchu gup Shivalal Kararya said although he had initially planned to go for further studies, he has decided to vie for a new term. The gup was inspired by positive feedback from his constituents.

Mendrelgang gup Yeshi, however, has a different plan. Although he is equally interested to re-contest, he will decide only after the final list of candidates are confirmed.

“We should give opportunity to young candidates,” he said. “I will see if the gewog gets capable candidates and decide,” he said.

Kilkorthang gup Tshewang Norbu, who feels that there are capable candidates in his gewog, is also yet to decide. At least four gup candidates have registered for the functional literacy test (FLT) in the gewog.

Meanwhile, 235 aspiring candidates for the posts of gup, tshogpa and mangmi have registered for the FLT.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang