The travel time from Tsirang to Sarpang is expected to reduce if the plan to build an alternative road materializes.

The MP-elect from Sarpang’s Shompangkha constituency, Tek Bdr Rai, said he would work towards connecting the two dzongkhags with a shorter route.

The initial plan is to construct a road from Mendrelgang of Tsirang to Dhab village in Sarpang. However, details of the plan are yet to be worked out.

The MP-elect said that economic benefits, ecological impacts and the cost factor would be studied while considering the proposal. “I will give my best to fulfil my pledges,” he said.

Sarpang is about 60 kilometres from Damphu via the current route. It is about one and a half hours drive.

In Gelephu, the Maokhola will get a bridge that will connect Gelephu town to the four gewogs across the river, if the MP-elect from the constituency, Karma Donnen Wangdi, fulfils his pledge.

He said that the proposed bridge is important for the development of Gelephu.

The MP-elect said that Gelephu has the potential to become Bhutan’s metropolitian city. The proposed bridge, he said, was important for easy access for thousands of people and also for the prosperity of Gelephu.

The Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) has included the pledge in its national manifesto as well.

DNT has prioritized roads as the key to Bhutan’s socio-economic development and poverty reduction in its manifesto. The party describes roads are the foundation of all development activities.

The party has also promised to build roads from Lhamoizingkha to Gelephu to Panbang, Nanglam to Deothang and Samdrupjongkhar to Jomotsangkha.

The party has also pledged to build a southern east-west road by linking towns and dzongkhags through settlements along the way.

MB Subba