The two multi-level car parking (MLCP) in Thimphu are expected to complete by September this year.

MLCP I, located at Phendey Lam near the Zangthopelri complex, is 79 percent complete. MLCP II located at Norzin Lam is 87 percent complete.

Chief executive officer of the construction company KCR, Kinzang Norbu, said that only final touch up such as painting, plastering, electrical, heating, ventilation, elevator installation, installation of parking management system, and flooring were left.

He said that the materials required for the installations of the various systems were ready to be installed.

MLCP I will have 352 parking spaces and MLCP II 222.

The agreement for the project of the two structures was signed on September 1, 2014. The construction of MLCP I started from January 2016 while the construction of MLCP II started from March 2015.

According to the agreement, MLCP I was supposed to be completed by November 5, 2017 and MLCP II by July 1, 2017.

However, due to changes in design, increase in the scope of work, cost increase, and encountering and relocation of utility cables, KCR had requested time extension last year.

The new design includes aspects such as stronger foundation, bigger pillars, ventilation system for the vehicles’ exhaust, and modern system of parking management. The modern system of parking management will show the available parking spaces inside the MLCP.  

Timphu Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee said that the approval for the design, cost estimate and time extension were under process.

He said that the project’s initial cost was estimated at Nu 450 million but has been revised to about Nu 800 million. “Those new systems were never included in our initial cost estimate of Nu 450 million.”

He added that the tendering which included the initial cost of Nu 450 million was done based on preliminary designs which did not include the modern facilities.  “But when the actual design was done, reviewed and approved, there was an increase in material such as steel and concrete consumption, and the cost of the project.”

Thrompon said that the thromde would not compromise on the approval of the design, time and cost estimate, as being a PPP project, the partners are working hard to put modern amenities in place and to construct quality structure such as being earthquake resistant.

For the recovery of investment, the MLCPs would also have a commercial space of 20 percent.

Kinzang Norbu said that the commercial space would not only supplement revenue generation but also boost parking space. “The commercial and parking space compliments each other.” 

Karma Cheki.