Phub Dem | Haa

Six months after a woman was murdered in Haa, family members of the victim are living in fear, as the man, who murdered her, had allegedly threatened that he would kill three other people in the family.

The family members are waiting for justice, as the case is before Haa dzongkhag court.

The woman was murdered on October 24 last year by her son-in-law in Kipri, Uesu gewog.

The woman’s elder brother, Phuntsho recollects the fateful day, where his late sister asked him to come for his usual noon tea, as he was circumambulating Lhakhang Narp. “I denied saying that I would come later.” Later, he went to the deceased’s house and on the way he met the suspect on his way to collect grass for cattle. “He claimed my sister had fallen off a stair.”

Phuntsho said that when he came to check, he found his sister in a pool of blood.

He said sounds of power tiller and washing machine made it impossible for the neighbours to hear his sister cry for help.

Phuntsho lodged the case two days after the incident suspecting foul play against the suspect.

The cause of the death was earlier registered as an accident.

The suspect was arrested, and he confessed to the crime during the preliminary investigation.

Family members claimed only children were at home when the incident took place.

They alleged that suspect hit the deceased with a spading fork and left her in a pool of blood to die.

The deceased’s husband, Sangay, said the suspect and deceased had not been on good terms as the suspect stole things and money from the house. “We found Nu 32,000 in his bag, which was stolen from a wooden box. The key was with my late wife.”

He said that the cause of murder could be money.

The suspect’s wife, Yeshey Choden, said that they were not on good terms and she decided to file for divorce before the incident.

She was on pilgrimage when the incident happened. “I hope my mother gets justice.”

According to Phuntsho, the suspect should be imprisoned for life.