The body of an earlier hit and run victim in Paro though is yet to be claimed 

Crime: The man, who was found murdered at the Central Plaza building in Lungtenphu, Thimphu, was identified as Tshewang, 29, from Paga goenpa in Chapcha,  after relatives came to identify the body yesterday evening.

According to police, the body was handed over to relatives around 6pm yesterday.  The man, whose parents had divorced, was unemployed and lived with his relatives in Thimphu.

As of yesterday evening, a search was still on for the suspects and the occupant of the flat in the attic from where the body was thrown off. “The case is under investigation and we’re doing the best we can,” a police official said.

A relative of the victim, who claimed the body yesterday, said he knew of the murder through the deceased’s younger brother.  Police contacted the younger brother, who left his mobile number with police, when the deceased was detained earlier in connection with a drug abuse case.

“The deceased’s parents were divorced a long time ago and his mother died a few years ago,” the relative said. “We don’t know if the deceased knew the suspect.”

The relative said that, although he lived in Thimphu with his relatives, he kept shifting from one relative’s place to another, making it difficult for them to keep track of him.

The man was found dead in a pool of blood on January 13 around 7.30am at the entrance of the five-storied Central Plaza building.  The building sweeper discovered the body when he went to switch off the lights in the morning.  The sweeper informed the building owner immediately, after which police were informed.

Calling it a clear case of homicide, police said the murder had taken place in one of the flats in the attic, after which it was dragged to the balcony and thrown off.   The occupant of the flat has been missing since then.

The owner of Central Plaza building said the apartment was rented out to a person, who owns a shop in town, but his brother used to live there.  Most flats in the building are occupied as shops, while some flats on the top floor are rented out as low-budget apartments to couples and bachelors.

Health officials said the murder could have happened around midnight.  The body had multiple fractures and a wound on the head.  He had also suffered two massive fractures on the left leg.   The house was stained with blood, and officials found stained broken bricks in the house.

Meanwhile, a man in his 50s, who died on impact after being hit by a Maruti Alto car at Changdungka, opposite Paro International Airport last week, is yet to be identified.

The body has been kept at the mortuary of Paro hospital since January 8.  According to Paro police, the man was wearing a mathra gho at the time of his death.  He was 5.8” tall, well-built with grey hair and moustache.

Police has issued a notification requesting family and relatives to claim the body within three days failing which the body would be “disposed off.”

Police said the driver has been detained and that the driver was under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurred.

By Kinga Dema