Thinley Namgay

Mongar’s National Council (NC) MP-elect Tshering Wangchen said that one of the major factors for his victory was repeated participation in the NC elections.   

Tshering Wangchen said that when you don’t give up and try more, people might feel that you are genuinely interested and capable.

 At 43, Tshering Wangchen is neither too old nor young, compared with fellow candidates. “My age is in the middle.”  

 Tshering Wangchen said: “I now have a huge responsibility. I want to thank the people of Mongar for believing in me. I will try my best to serve the people of Mongar and tsawa-sum.”

 Tshering Wangchen surpassed all other six opponents both in EVM and postal ballot votes.

 “I will also work with other candidates to include and implement some of their pledges that are important for the country,” he said.  

 Voters say that Tshering Wangchen became known to many due to his repeated participation in the NC election. Some say that his role as a Mongar’s de-suup coordinator for three years played a major role in getting elected. 

 “Tshering Wangchen is confident and has leadership qualities, work experience, and oratory skills,” one of the voters said.

 Gewogs with a large number of voters such as Dramedtse, Mongar, Saling, Thangrong, Tsakaling, Chhaling, and Jurmed did not have an aspiring candidate.

Some say competition this time in Mongar was less as the number of candidates reduced by six. And voter turn-out in Mongar was only 56.30 percent of the 38,157 eligible voters from 17 gewogs.

The eligible voters in Mongar increased this time by more than 4,000. In the 2018 election, there were 34,082 voters. 

In terms of voter turn-out, it increased. This year, 21,485 people voted. In 2018, only 17,823 voted.